Internal Surveillance of an Investment firms trading activities is now an essential requirement of most participants and is a regulatory requirement in many jurisdictions. Because the Trading landscape has become so complex with multiple Venues and types of trading, an automated Alert system for the detection of Market Abuse is now required.

The ISS LiquidMetrix Surveillance system uses our in depth multi-market infrastructure to identify price points and Volumes, but is supplemented by Regulatory and Global News wires to provide a sophisticated system in its Alerting capability, but an ease of use that has made it a system of choice for users.

Implementations are fast and straightforward, as we can rely upon standard trade files from the majority of OMS/EMS systems.

The in-built Case management workflow provides clients with an effective solution to their Regulatory requirements at the fraction of the cost of competitor services, but with no compromise on the sophistication in the monitoring.

In summary our solution:

  • Provides a systematic monitoring framework of all trades and orders
  • Satisfies the Requirements of regulators on both Sell Side and Buy Side Financial firms for Market Abuse monitoring
  • Is a simple to use, but sophisticated system for full and effective monitoring of trading activity

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